So Busy. So Sorry.

The Saint Of Lost Causes - Front Cover

A meeting with my publisher revealed that the publication date for my debut novel is looming closer than I expected. And I’m terrified. Of course, this sent me into an actual panic with all the tasks I had to accomplish before the book is ready to be launch into the world on JANUARY 15th!

And this is also my most hectic time of year at work AND we are re-homing my mother to a smaller domicile to reduce the likelihood that she might fall down the stairs when seeking late night ice cream. At the same time, I picked up a couple other writing tasks for different spots because of course I did. The challenge level has been intense.

So, a number of other items were set aside, including my blog and some conversations with indie writers I wanted to launch into… but soon, my pretties. Until then, check out the pre-order option on my forthcoming novel, The Saint of Lost Causes, available at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, or (hopefully) your local retailer.