The Mortician’s Daughter:

[podcast: writer / performer / producer]

This monthly meditation on the macabre covers a range of topics from ideas of the afterlife to ghosts lingering on this plane of existence. Face your existential crisis head on in a fun and informative way.

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Confessions from the Nocturne Nebula

[podcast: producer / co-creator / writer]

This original, science fiction, space-noir audiodrama features a 25 person cast and centers its story around Nolan Stone, owner of a popular nightclub on Aldfar Station. When one of the women working for Nolan decides to head back to her home planet, the station gives her a send off, but she’s back at the bar only hours after her departure, injured and in trouble.

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YabYum Features

[blog: founder / senior editor / writer]

Sara Avery Turns Collecting Kitsch into Curated Art

Brandon McGill’s Creativity Expands Beyond the Canvas

The Pros + Cons of Self-Employment

Artists in Cooperation: Suzanne Falk & AJJ

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